Happy 7th Birthday

Today you turn SEVEN!!

I love how you are always up for an adventure (and a snuggle) and your little 40 pound body is all muscle- you are fast, fearless and strong.

You play hard and have endless energy until all of a sudden we find you fast asleep without any notice.  I swear you can go from wide awake to fast asleep in 2 minutes when we’ve been in the car.

Your favorite TV shows are America’s Got Talent, My Little Pony, Big Crazy Family Adventure,  and Love it or List it too (you prefer Todd and Jillian over the original team of Hilary and David).

You are a natural athlete and can pick up any skill quickly whether it’s a sport or pogo-stick jumping. You love sports- basketball is your favorite but you are also very determined to continue improving your softball pitching skills.

Countless times I hear “Mommy look at this” only to discover you doing something that will make me smile.  Sometimes it’s miming, balancing something on your head, or pretending a long leaf is a Zebra tail while you dance around.

You end many sentences with “true fact.”  You often reply “On your service” when we ask  you to do something and when you go through a door you declare “ladies first.”

Happy Birthday to our funny, beautiful, determined little girl!!!  We love you!!


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