Happy 8th Birthday

Today you turn 8 and I want time to slow down. At parent/teacher conferences last week your teacher said “Sabrina is friends with everybody and is happy everyday.”  And I think that sums you up so well; you are kind to everyone you meet and a good and caring friend who wants others to be happy.

You love family movie nights on the couch with the four of us cuddled up together.  Your favorite shows are Big Cat Diary (on Animal Planet), Gator Boys (about alligators) and Family Game Night.  You read Ranger Rick every month and you know more facts about animals than I do.  Every night you host Tiger Camp in your room where you read stories to  Thérèse and come up with crafts for you to do together.

Last month we went to a bookstore where you very carefully and thoughtfully selected your very first diary. It is brown with owls on it and has 100 lined pages.  You diligently write a page in it every night, complete with a title and little illustration on the bottom. I love reading about our days through your eyes.

You have such a sweet innocence about you. You are optimistic, confident, positive and you see the good in every situation. I try to be more like you because I don’t always see the glass half full like you do.  I can always count on you to give the best hugs just when they are needed the most.



I found this drawing on your desk; it is SO you.  And I had to laugh that you forgot the letter r in Sabrina when you signed it 🙂


Your birthday/Christmas list has to be one of the sweetest things I’ve read.  So practical (that says electric pencil sharpener on the bottom).  You opened some presents over the weekend and I love that you immediately crossed them off.  sabrinalist

You are so special and we love you to the moon and back.

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