Happy Birthday Sabrina

For as long as I can remember I hoped to have a daughter.  Ten years ago today I was blessed with so much more than I could have ever dreamed of.  I am so proud of the compassionate, kind-hearted, generous person that you are.  You are the most fun travel buddy, my favorite person to take shopping,  and my go-to person for all animal and science related questions.  I know that you will always try your best to make anyone feel better when they are having a bad day and watching the sister bond that you have with Thérèse is an absolute gift.

You love Lego friends, Minecraft, gymnastics, reading (Harry Potter!) and writing stories and scripts.  You love sharing what you dreamed about while we are eating breakfast.  Your favorite shows are America’s Cutest and Treehouse Masters and you still will watch My Little Pony with Thérèse.

You are a friend to everyone and are the most positive and optimistic person I know.  When we had your parent teacher conference, your teacher commented on how she loved that we have given you such great “life experiences” with our travels and that you enjoy sharing with others the things that you have seen.  I look forward to many more adventures together.

Happy 10th birthday!!  xoxo


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