Happy Birthday Thérèse

You turn 3 today although when people ask your age you like to answer that you are 5 like your big sister.  You are the biggest jokester– always coming up with ways to make people laugh. I can always count on you to do something every day to crack us up.  You come up with these wacky Elaine Benes dance moves out of nowhere while you exclaim: “hey guys look at this!”

I wish I knew what was going through your head when you decide to fall asleep on the rug in your room rather than in your bed.  You have the uncanny ability to go from awake to asleep in a blink of an eye.  One second you will be asking me for a Bruno Mars or Katy Perry song in the car and the next minute I hear you snoring in your carseat before the song is even over.

You are easy to please when it comes to toys –silly putty is your obsession.  We took you to a toy store this week on vacation and told you that you could pick any one thing in the store for your birthday present and you insisted on the $1.99 silly putty to add to your collection at home (I believe we are up to 7 now).

As feisty and strong willed as you are you know when we just need a snuggle out of you.  There are many days where I feel like we’ve used the words “naughty” and “little stinker” too many times because of your antics and then out of the blue you will come out with an “I love you SO much” which melts us every time.

You love worms and mud and a day is not complete unless there are 3 changes of clothes necessary.  You are fearless, adventurous, silly and the funniest one in our little family and we couldn’t be happier to call you ours.

Happy 3rd birthday to our little blondie 🙂


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  • Kristen AbbateAugust 18, 2011 - 5:30 pm

    Happy Birthday Therese! Can’t believe you are THREE!ReplyCancel

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