Today you turn seven.  This feels like a BIG birthday and I would love to freeze this age for a little while longer because it has been such a wonderful stage.  You still see the positive in every situation and have this lovely optimistic attitude that I hope you never lose.  Yesterday as we got ready for our big day in New York City it started to drizzle.  My first instinct was to be annoyed by this but you just smiled and said “but at least it isn’t pouring Mommy and we won’t be too hot.”

We decided that an American Girl doll would be your gift this year but you made a special request to us that we give you a “hand-made card” because you take such pride in the cards that you create for others and you treasure any gift that is hand-made for you.  You are filled with compassion.  When Thérèse needed to bring a teddy bear in to pre-school and realized she didn’t have a stuffed animal bear you went up to your room for a little while and came downstairs with an adorable bear you made out of construction paper, tape and crayons.  When Thérèse got jealous that you had homework to do and she didn’t you created a little workbook so that she could sit next to you and do her own “home-work” and practice her letters and spelling.  When I had a cold and went to bed early one night, I woke up in the morning to find a “Feel better soon” card on my night stand.

You not only love to bake but you love the whole process. First we check out a cooking book from the library.  We go through all of the choices, pick what we’ll make and then write the shopping list and go to the store to find all the ingredients.  When we went over the list of classes to sign up for this fall at the Y, you selected a baking class.  You are so much more domestic then I am 🙂

For Thanksgiving when we shared what we are thankful for you wrote; “family, school, food, friends, love, home and books.”  Happy Happy birthday to you Sabrina.  We are so thankful for YOU.



the anniversary card you made for us in July:


and the get-well pop-up card you made for me 🙂



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