Today you are six!  You started the day as you do every morning, asking us to snuggle with you under a blanket on the couch.  You are filled with endless energy all day so I love how you begin so snuggly and peaceful. You are a sporty extrovert living in a house of bookworm introverts.  You keep our home interesting and full of joy.

You make us laugh every day.  You will randomly refer to yourself as salmon, sardines and occasionally platypus.  You are quick and witty; always coming up with silly jokes, dance moves and songs. Or writing books that crack us up.  This week you presented me with a booked called “How to Pee on a log” which is my current favorite.

You eat most of your meals standing up, (many times naked) at the kitchen table.  You manage to get food (or paint or dirt) all over yourself yet your room is the cleanest room in the house.  You love to make beds and organize the mud room shoe closet.  It’s a contradiction to your typical “all over the place” personality but when you focus on something you do an amazing job. Your favorite shows are My Little Pony, Gator Boys and Pool Masters. You love board games, wii play, legos and lincoln logs. You do NOT like dresses or princesses.

You are a natural athlete and the only one in the family who has this nimble, coordinated and lighting fast gene.  You swim fearlessly, throw a softball with power and accuracy,  and I can already visualize you as a track sprinter.  We want to nurture this in you and see where your strength and speed lead you, and us.

We adore you and wish you the happiest 6th birthday!!




How to Pee on a Log Book


The First page said “First Step, find a log”.  This is the 2nd page which says “Second step squat down on your log”


My favorite; the last page which says “And you be peeing in no time!”


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