Today you are nine!  Last week we met with your 3rd grade teacher who called you “cheerful, happy and positive” and that is exactly who you are.  We all could learn from your outlook on life and how you always start each day with a smile.  You love telling us about the adventures you had in your dreams and your ideas for new books to write. I always love finding your drawings, notes and stories in random places around the house. Especially when you leave them for me on my pillow.   I love that you have so much confidence in yourself. You are independent, compassionate, sensitive and always know when someone needs a hug.

Your favorite shows are Big Cat Diary, Treehouse Masters, Family Game Night and pretty much anything on Animal Planet.

You are blissfully unaware of pop culture and who the current celebrities are.  But you do know about The Beatles, Paul Simon and Elvis. And you like listening to Car Talk with us.

You know more than I do about anything science, nature or animal related and are always spot on with directions wherever we are driving.  You remember everything and love making traditions.  I loved watching you experience France this summer. Asking to go into museums and churches and embracing a new culture makes me so happy and proud.  You are the perfect travel buddy. Seeing the world through your eyes is a very special thing. I can’t wait for our next adventure together.

Happy Birthday Sabrina!




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